Flemish Region

The Vlarem II regulations apply in Flanders. These regulations provide for a number of legally compulsory inspections, both for private individuals and companies. All of the following examinations can be carried out by us.

Private owners

As a private owner of a storage tank for heating oil with a water content of less than 5,000 kg, the periodic inspections must take place in accordance with Chapter 6.5.1. “Private heating oil tanks with a capacity of less than 5,000 kg” of Vlarem II.


  • End-users

All hazardous products and flammable liquids are subject to periodic inspections:

    • Either according to Chapter 5.17.4. “Hazardous solids and liquids”
    • Or according to Chapter 5.6. “Fuels and flammable substances”.

Insofar as they have at least a hazard symbol (GHS) or a flash point < 250°C

The examinations to be carried out by us are:

    • Initial periodic overall examination of new installations
    • limited examination
    • overall examination: internal examination or ultrasonic thickness measurements (installations in use since a longer period)
    • Out of service certification
    • corrosivity research
    • stray current measurements
    • supervision of placement of underground containers
    • tightness tests
    • cathodic protection inspection
    • control of fuel separator
    • stage II measurements
  • Tank builders

Vlarem requires the inspection of the construction of every container that is newly built in accordance with a valid construction standard in accordance with the appendix 5.17.2.

We hereby offer the following inspections

    • construction inspection of individually built tanks (in the workshop)
    • prototype inspection of serially built tanks (in the workshop)
    • regularisation to Vlarem II
    • construction supervision of tanks built on location
    • (re)calculation of tanks in the context of product change and life cycle extension
    • drawing up of replacement certificates for lost attestions of conformity
  • Builders of accessories

Currently, it is necessary to provide a Vlarem II attestation for overfill protections in accordance with appendix 5.17.7.

Within this framework we offer the following services:

    • construction inspection of a single installation at the operator’s premises
    • prototype inspections of mass-built appliances at the manufacturer’s premises

Note: the same service is offered for leak detection systems, in accordance with the appendix 5.17.3.