Brussels Capital Region

In the Brussels Capital Region, we are active in relation to the following legislation for:

(Waste) oil storage:

  • The Brussels region provides a 15 yearly inspection according to the Order of 24 April 2015 – section 11 – Art. 25, to be performed by an expert “storage installations”.
  • Corcon bv is recognised for carrying out such inspections.

Petrol stations:

  • In the Brussels Region the “Order of the Brussels Capital Government laying down the operating conditions for petrol stations” applies, in other words the regulations only apply to petrol stations.
  • This legislation obliges the operator to have a number of compulsory initial and periodic examinations carried out, for which we are accredited:
    • initial inspection new installations
    • stage II measurements
    • cathodic protection measurements
    • tightness test (initial and 10 yearly if applicable)
    • research on aggressiveness and conductivity of the soil
    • annual inspection
    • overall 10-year control
    • supervision during placement of a tank


  • Containers used to store fuel with a capacity < 50,000 l must comply with The Order of the Brussels Capital Region on the storage of flammable liquids used as fuel (since February 2018). This provides for periodic inspections depending on the capacity of the container and whether it is an aboveground or underground container.

The inspections can be carried out by Corcon:

    • initial inspectionnew installations
    • measurement of cathodic protection
    • corrosivity survey
    • stray current measurements
    • tightness test